Nikolay Andonov

Hi, I'm Nikolay

Web Developer, Wannabe Doer
I am going to launch two courses in the following months. Both will be absolutely free of charge, and in the format of screencasting. I will record them on Bulgarian, but there are going to be English subtitles.
Coming soon

Coding your own idea

Designed explicitly for people with the "get it done" mentality who wants to know how to build the software behind their next idea by their own.

Coming soon

Shipping your side gig

If you are a good developer who want to ship your own gig, then I believe you will find some valuable insights in this course.

Wanna keep in touch?

I send out an email once every 30-60 days about stuff similar to the thing you've just read. If that sounds interesting to you, I'd love to have you on board.