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How to start programming from scratch

23rd of June, 2022

Every now and then a friend of mine asks me how I’ve started as a developer because they want to try to see if it will work for them as well, as complete beginners. Writing this article so I have a link to point my friends to a resource instead of repeating myself over and over again.

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Unpopular PHP Features, Part 3

5th of October, 2020

Here is a list of PHP features which I use in my day-to-day life as programmer, but they weren't the first thing I learnt in the language. I'll admit they are not that unpopular compared to the ones I shared in my previous two articles, but after some thought, I decided they are worth their place in this series.

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Unpopular PHP 7+ Features

16th of May, 2020

Let's talk about some unpopular PHP 7+ features. Two weeks ago I wrote an article about unpopular PHP features so go check it out if that's sounds interesting to you. This is basically a follow-up, but I decided to share PHP 7 features only in here.

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Unpopular PHP Features, Part 1

1st of May, 2020

There are some features in PHP which for one reason or another we all don't use that much. In this series of articles I will be providing real-world examples of how we can apply more the features in question.

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Laravel Quick Wins

30th of March, 2020

I've just started a new thing. Sharing one Laravel tip once a week. I decided to do these in a form of before/after code snippets being tweeted on Twitter.

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Being safe with external services

25th of March, 2020

We all know most apps usually have some integration with an external service. Whether it’s about sending mails/SMSs, or sending sensitive data to CRM, or handling payments, or requesting cargo services, etc.

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The technology powering this blog

9th of March, 2020

Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of keeping things simple. That being said, it may not be that surprising to say that this blog is powered by plain HTML/CSS.

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What's this website all about

1st of March, 2020

This is my personal blog. You can expect to find both tech and non-tech related articles here. I will just write about things that I am excited about. Simple as that.

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