Nikolay Andonov

Hi, I'm Nikolay

Web Developer, Wannabe Doer

Hey there, my name is Nikolay, 27, from Bulgaria. A maker on the web since I was 14. I am very passionate about development, design, marketing, and basically everything that's more or less part of shipping decent products on the web.

I currently work as a Tech Lead at a Danish company called Peytz & Co. We do web and mobile applications, custom made for various of different clients. The main stack is Symfony and React, but since the company is an agency/consultancy there are many clients with many projects, thus we use many different technologies.

In a high contrast with Peytz's main choices of frameworks, I've been using Laravel and VueJs for all my side projects for the past few years. Over the years I had the chance to write production code using few different programming languages but at the end of the day I decided to stick with PHP for now. Yes, people still use PHP in 2021! I am a certified Laravel developer, and building things with Laravel (and Vue) is what brings me most joy.

Feel free to shoot me an email at any time. My address is, whether it's about something specific, or just saying "Hi". I'd love to chat with you!

You can follow me on Twitter where I am not really active recently, but at least you could check out all the Laravel tips I used to share there.

Wanna keep in touch?

I send out an email once every 30-60 days about stuff similar to the thing you've just read. If that sounds interesting to you, I'd love to have you on board.