Nikolay Andonov

Hi, I'm Nikolay

Web Developer, Wannabe Doer

What's this website all about

1st of March, 2020

This is my personal blog. You can expect to find both tech and non-tech related articles here. I will just write about things that I am excited about. Simple as that.

From time to time even not so smart people like me have some thoughts in their head. I will try to treat this blog as my go-to place when I am excited about something.

My guess is that most of the articles I write about will be very tech related, but sometimes I will share just random thoughts of mine on various things in life. To be honest I don't have a clear picture in my head of what this blog will turn out to be yet, but I am looking forward to it.

What I know for sure is there are two goals here. One is to have some way for my family and friends to keep in touch with what I am doing, and the second one is hopefully someone to find some value and/or inspiration from the content here. If you are that person, please reach out to me, it'd mean the world for me!