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Laravel Quick Wins

30th of March, 2020

I've just started a new thing. Sharing one Laravel tip once a week. I decided to do these in a form of before/after code snippets being tweeted on Twitter.

It's a bit funny because all my real life friends are not on Twitter. And I have exactly 15 followers out there. And except for one guy and one gal, the rest of them I have no clue how I ended up having them. Most probably they followed so I can follow them back, if they were building an audience or something. Anyway, my point is I don't have *almost* any followers, and I am curious if somehow people will start engaging with these tweets.

So yeah, I am not going to advertise them anywhere except for this article which you are reading right now. In case that's something you find interesting, you can follow me on Twitter, and I will keep tweeting Laravel tips once a week. I've already prepared quite a few tips that I believe are worth sharing.